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About Us

MaryHello! I'm Mary Paola DuLude, the founder of Paolaworks. Growing up as one of eleven, I can appreciate the chaos of life as much as the harmony found in a great painting. A degree in fine arts, and many years in communications later, I got bit by the desire to add something new to the party. Brand building.

It's getting harder to stand out in the marketplace. People try different things at different times. Trying to be all things to all people, or competing exclusively on price can lead to a reactive position that is not sustainable over the long haul. It can also be fragmenting.

Branding is a dynamic process - a dialogue between a business and its target audience. Growing companies respond positively and negatively to market forces, requiring different support or correctives along the way. Paolaworks acts as a translator. We research the information necessary to evaluate your internal or competitive issues, provide you with ideation and strategy, and create engaging communications, across all media (including events).

Branding is not a logo or set of brochures. (Although it includes the creation of some very fine ones). Our work is not industry specific. We partner with professionals who have the expertise necessary for your success. We work as a team to deliver results our clients have learned to expect.