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American Bank of Connecticut

“Mary Giampietro brought great enthusiasm to “Customer Care Days.” The payoff for the Bank was tremendous, both in financial return and customer appreciation. I recommend Paolaworks whenever I get the chance!”
- William Solberg, President/CEO, American Bank of Connecticut

American Bank was concerned about retention. Merger mania wasn't helping. Some of the bank's best customers were older and banking relationships and investments were especially important to them. Paolaworks cooked up “Customer Care Days”, an outdoor celebration and one-day, new money CD rate. Goals were customer satisfaction and revenue generation. The theme was the promotion of good physical/fiscal health.

  • Customers with balances in excess of $25,000 received special invitations
  • The American Red Cross provided health tips, blood pressure screening and disaster preparedness training
  • Customers enjoyed an outdoor barbecue manned by branch managers serving hot dogs and hamburgers
  • Guests danced to a local dj under striped tents with balloons and banners, cloth-covered tables with fresh flowers and giveaways
  • Picnic attendance met and surpassed expectations
  • The one-day CD offer was a hit, netting each branch the equivalent of three months of CD sales

Building relationship through events is a home run. You can bank on it.