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Bridgeport Hospital Federal Credit Union

“We found our experience with Paolaworks to be very positive. All interviews and research were performed very professionally and reported back in timely fashion. Suggestions were implemented. Would highly recommend.”
- Dominic Palumbo, President, CEO

Take the pulse of your organization on a regular basis. Many successful organizations just don't make the time. Bridgeport Hospital Credit Union wanted better information about its loan making history and how to maximize it to meet board expectations. CEO, Dom Palumbo, had a stellar record of growing the credit union membership and loan portfolio. He called in Paolaworks to get some objective analysis about how to improve the BHFCU loan-making history.

Paolaworks collected existing data and conducted:

  • A historical review of loans by kind, amount and origin
  • Review of findings and additional material from an in-depth interview with the CEO and Chairman of the Board
  • Interviews with staff, members and board members, comparing members who used the credit union as a primary and as a secondary lending institution, likes and dislikes
  • Analyzed all findings and drafted a list of marketing recommendations.

You don't need to spend large sums of money on a big research study to get valuable information. A little objectivity goes a long way in making strategic decisions.