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Mary and JohnLack of time is a huge challenge in business today. Staffing is lean and the pace of doing business is accelerated. The challenges of an entrepreneur and marketing director can be similar- involving a heady mix of strategic thinking, creativity and deadlines all rolled into one. Often, delegating takes too long so you do the work yourself. Or, you keep revising last year's idea. Success is getting the job out on time and error-free. Who has the luxury of assessing its strategic or creative value? In reality you've probably just missed the single most important advertising goal: differentiating yourself from the “next guy” who does the same things you do.

Paolaworks can help. We'll plan, write, promote, strategize or execute. You can offload an entire event or project -getting an executive level person who will minimize your investment of time. We'll create or maintain your PR program, write your newsletter, create a dynamic direct mail piece, update your website, or even speak with your customers/members about what they like (or don't) about you. Give us a call and find out why with Paolaworks, two heads are always better than one.