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New Morning Store

“Mary has a tremendous capacity for putting people at ease and getting them to say what's important to them. Our business is growing. We count on her ability to help us communicate with our growing audience”.
- John Pittari Jr., Owner, New Morning Store.

New Morning StoreJohn Pittari, the owner of a successful independent natural and organic business for over 25 years, had good instincts. He also had many employees who had been with him many years and loyal customers who still remembered when. His employees were sure they knew what customers wanted. With an expansion on the horizon, John wanted to get some objective information.

Paolaworks was retained to do a customer satisfaction study.

  • We personally interviewed customers at the Store and asked permission to conduct phone interviews, getting contact preferences and opinions about the Store's pending move
  • In-depth interviews were conducted with department managers to identify perceptions about customer likes and dislikes.
  • Staff perceptions were matched with customer feedback to identify key study issues.
  • Based on the geographic mix of in-store customer interviews, we identified the right mix of non-customers to interview by town.
  • The questionnaire was created with John, calls were made and the analysis completed.
  • Findings were presented first to John and, then to the entire staff.

The combination of employee perceptions and customer feedback gave all parties unbiased information to better assess strengths and weaknesses. It paved the way for new customer programs and a morale boost for the staff. Findings pointed to employees as one of the single greatest assets of the Store.

New Morning's customer satisfaction rating was three times higher than its competition. Who knew? Now, everybody knew.