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Do your marketing efforts get lost in a crowd? As more businesses find themselves competing against others with the same products, in the same locations, with the same target audiences, the challenge is to differentiate. Paolaworks can help you identify that something special that makes you unique.

Positioning (or branding), is a dynamic process. At Paolaworks, we identify four phases. Where is your organization in the process?

Discovery (information gathering)- what do you know, what do you need to find out internally and competitively. What are the challenges? Many kinds of study, research, management interviews, telephone, internet-based, can be brought to bear on this phase. The “right “ way is determined by what you need to know, who your audience is and what your resources are.

Strategy/Positioning - What position should your organization take to be successful? What are your unique selling points?

Identity - The translation into logo, products, services, activities that all support the common message.

Implementation/enculturation - Is your organization alive with your strengths and selling it as it should be? Are you ready to take your message on the road? Training/presentations and follow-up are crucial to make sure that your front line is in sync with your marketing plans.