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Woman on phoneWhen was the last time you asked your member/customers how you were doing? Or spoke with your front line? Many successful businesses don't make the time to listen to their customers. Or even realize how important it is to ask until it's too late. Very often, businesses with the capacity for gathering data lack the time and/or expertise to know what to DO with it.

Designing a study, interviewing the right people under controlled conditions and analyzing findings, takes time and expertise. You know this if you've already tried to do it in-house. Paolaworks has smart professionals with years of experience and brings a fresh perspective to your information challenges. Good research can be an important retention device or an investment that holds its value for years. Advertising costs are not going down and reaching the right audience is getting more complicated. Fending off the competition is a daily challenge! You need the competitive edge that good knowledge and intelligent analysis can do for you.

We'll listen to your story and make recommendations tailored to your needs:

  • In-depth interviews with senior executives
  • Perception-busting, through a variety of qualitative means, in-house interrupts, telephone and/or internet-based interviews
  • Quantitative studies for existing and prospective customer/members
  • Focus groups for new product/services studies
  • Attrition studies so you know what you can improve the next time

Paolaworks will use your data and make up the difference, or start fresh. Our analysis is fast, thorough and actionable. Give us a call. We want to hear your story.